An Impressive Hall Harding ‘The Hall-Mark Table’ Architects’ Drawing Board


A Hall Harding, ‘The Hall-Mark Table’, architects’ drawing board featuring a very heavy industrial metal base mechanism; this folds to change the height and angle of the original wooden, planked board.

It has been cleaned but retains its original patina.


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‘The Hall-Mark Table’ is a magnificently constructed architects’ drawing board made by Hall Harding of London.

The wood-plank board has been fully-restored but with great care taken to maintain its original patina.

With all of its mechanics working perfectly, this impressive 1950’s piece can be smoothly and effortlessly adjusted to various heights and angles.

It would make a fabulous standout piece either in a home office, in a retail setting as a menu-board or in an interior design studio as a ‘mood-board’. Alternatively, it could be used as originally intended in an architects’ office.


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Dimensions 158 × 70 × 176 cm