Modern Furniture Upholstery

Modern upholstered furniture is padded with foam since the 1950’s. It also uses different springing systems to traditional pieces. These develop a different set of issues as time goes on. The most common issue is with the foam used in modern upholstery. As the sun hits the foam through the fabric covering, it causes the foam to break down into a fine dust and the fabric starts to sag and look shabby.

Here at Guild, we can restore modern furniture. We can remove the old coverings and replacing the highly toxic and inflammable foam with more modern, regulation compliant foam. Your piece can then be re-covered in a fabric of your choice to bring it up to date. Many of our suppliers have beautiful weaves which really suit the pieces from this period. Since it is your choice, you will end up with a piece of furniture which reflects your taste and is unique to you. Additionally, you can express your individuality with a choice of buttoning style and an almost limitless range of scatter cushion possibilities.

We have rejuvenated many mid-century pieces for our clients, including aluminium chairs by Earnest Race, Italian sofa beds and egg chairs by Arne Jacobsen. In addition, we have some of these pieces for sale in our shop, so check them out here if you want inspiration or to purchase one for your home.


Modern Upholstery Repairs We Can Do

A selection of modern upholstery repairs we can do is:

  • Re-upholstery of furniture
  • Replacing of old foam cushion pads which are not fire regulation compliant
  • Repair of broken or damaged modern springs
  • Replacement of broken Pirelli webbing from pieces such as Ercol sofas
  • Making up new box cushions for Danish chairs and sofas

Ask for a no obligation free estimate

Click to send us some photographs of your furniture with a few details of the damage or problem and we can usually provide an estimate. For a detailed quote, contact us to arrange for us to visit your home or office.
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