Furniture Woodwork Repairs

Any piece of furniture made from wood will eventually break somewhere. One of our most regular antique furniture woodwork repairs are those relating to loose and broken chairs – especially dining chairs. Over time, the animal glue used in the chairs perishes and the frame is no longer held securely.

Repair requires that the chair be stripped of upholstery, then the frame can be taken apart. Any broken tenons or parts can be repaired or replaced and the joints re-glued to stop any movement. Doing so can be time-consuming, but is worth that extra time. We use glues and techniques which are appropriate to your piece of furniture. Pre 1950s furniture was glued using animal glue whilst more modern pieces use polyvinyl acetate or PVA wood glue both are strong and provide a long lasting bond.

We can also piece together decorative carvings which have been broken and repair chairs which have broken legs. Furthermore, table leaves which have warped, furniture door windows – including glazing; in fact, most breaks in wooden furniture are fixable to some extent.

Once your furniture woodwork repair has been completed, we can stain the repairs to match the age and colouration of the surrounding wood. After that the repair can be French polished or varnishes as appropriate. Therefore you should end up with a piece with an imperceptible repair which does not detract from its beauty or decrease its value.


What To Do Next

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