We are dedicated to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

Too many pieces of furniture – particularly upholstered furniture end up in land fill when they can be restored and re-used. 

The magic of old furniture is that it is made from parts which can be replaced if they break and the old sections are either compostable or recyclable.

If you have a piece of furniture and you think it is beyond saving and are going to consign it to the dump, then let us know. We may be able to save it, restore it and enable it to be used for another century – how good is that for the environment?

We do have obvious space limitations at present, but we are hoping to expand and help the nation’s efforts to reduce waste and improve this part of the circular economy. Ideally we would form a network of restorers and up-cyclers across the country who could re-use every piece of furniture that became available.

Please get in touch with pictures of the piece of furniture and your location and we will take it from there.

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