Country Estates & Guild

We offer the finest of antique furniture to country estates and have participated in large and small-scale projects on the Isle of Jura, the Kintyre Peninsula and at Dumfries House.


Each piece we restore is done so using time-honoured, environmentally-friendly techniques; ensuring its use and enjoyment for generations to come.


Our bespoke, luxury-service, tailors to the specific design and style needs of each project. We seamlessly guide our clients through every step of their restoration journey.


With our extensive experience, we can advise clientele on which pieces will best suit the aesthetics of their estate. We are able to customise our own refined pieces or those of our clients to either complement or elegantly contrast with existing furniture.


Our soft-furnishings, wallpapers, exclusive-lighting and furniture beautifully enhance the architecture of a room. We enrich the atmosphere and character of a home and heighten its visual interest by layering a variety of styles, textures and colours.


We house an extensive range of fabrics, hailing from some of the oldest companies in the world, who still produce on traditional looms, to contemporary companies producing the ultimate in eco-friendly fabrics for the 21st century.

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