Here at Guild Antiques and Restoration we have an abiding passion for antique furniture and for design through the centuries. We scour the country for beautiful, interesting and rare pieces. These are then restored using the highest quality materials and traditional techniques by our skilled craftspeople. Subsequently they are upholstered in the finest fabrics and trims from the world’s finest fabric houses. Our fabrics are what makes us unique. We choose really interesting fabrics for our pieces so they stand out and so each is unique. Create a talking point in your home, add an eye-catching work of art piece of antique furniture!

We have a particular attraction for Regency, Aesthetic Movement, Arts and Crafts movement, Glasgow School and Art Deco as well as mid-century modern. Our stock is varied and ever-changing. Click here to go to our online shop and see the pieces we have at the moment.

Unlike most modern furniture, antique furniture was built to last and is constructed of hardwood. After it is restored, it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of antique furniture, please check out what is listed in our online shop. There are always many more pieces in the workshop in the process of being restored, so contact us and we can arrange for you to come in and see them. Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific piece, we can attempt to source it for you.

If you are an interior designer and require pieces for a project, we are happy to talk with you about sourcing antique furniture for you and upholstering the pieces in your choice of fabrics and trims.

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