Rattan Cane Repairs

Furniture cane comes in two forms. The first is ready woven cane, which comes as a sheet or roll and is glued into a recessed channel which runs around the cane panel of your chair seat or back. Ready woven cane is used in more modern chairs. The second is hand woven cane, which is threaded by hand, through holes drilled through the frame of the seat or back. Your piece of furniture will be one or the other of these. We offer rattan cane repairs and replacement for both types of cane.


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Repairing Hand Woven Cane Panels

If you can see holes drilled into your chair or sofa into which the cane is woven, then yours is a hand caned piece. Sometimes it is possible to perform rattan cane repairs. However, most often we find that the cane damage is too extensive or the cane too brittle to repair.

It is important to note that some chairs and sofas have panels where the sides and back share holes. Although only one panel may be damaged, it might be impossible to re-cane without also doing the second panel. Additionally, be aware that we sometimes find when old cane is removed, that it was the cane that was actually holding the frame together. In this case, some repair work will be necessary before the re-caning can be carried out. joints need to be strong and firmly glued before a chair is caned.

There are several other forms of cane panel, which will change the cost of your repair. The first is known as blind caning which means that the holes are not drilled completely through the frame. In this case, the cost per hole increases a little as each strand must be glued individually in place.

If your chair has a medallion in the centre of the back panel, then this is much trickier to carry out. You will need to count the holes around the medallion, as well as those around the outer frame of the chair. Add them together and send us the total with a photograph.

The third variation is when both sides of a chair arm or back are caned in one double-sided panel. This is much trickier and therefore costs more.

Replacing Machine Woven Cane Panels

If the edges of your cane panel are all hidden below a ring of solid centre cane then yours is a pre-woven panel. Sometimes we can perform rattan cane repairs on a machine woven panel. If repairs are not possible, we can replace the panel. Firstly we must clean the old cane ring out of the channel in the chair. After the channel is clear we can clue a new cane panel into the groove and lock it in with a centre cane ring.


How To Get An Estimate For Your Rattan Cane Repairs

In order for us to give you an estimate for the cost of re-caning your rattan cane repairs or panel replacement, simply send us a photograph of the whole panel, clearly showing the edges of the panel the whole way around. If yours is a hand-woven panel, please count the number of holes drilled in the wood of the chair through which the cane is threaded and send this to us together with your photographs by email. If anything is unclear, please call us and ask for clarification.

Ask for a no obligation free estimate

Send us some photographs of the panel which needs caned and we can usually provide an estimate. Please include the full panel edge to edge as well as a more general picture of the piece of furniture. For a detailed quote, contact us to arrange for us to visit your home or office.
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