Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. In the products we create, the materials we use, the way we manage our workshop and how we deal with the small amount of waste we produce.

Our antique furniture is not only unique and beautiful but is also considerate of the planet.

Pieces are restored using time-honoured techniques and materials, and are finished in the finest of fabrics from some of the oldest companies in the world. Many of these companies are embracing the highest standards in sustainability and are investing in sustainable production and transport solutions as well as increasing emphasis on natural fibres.

Whilst the restoration process takes time, ultimately it ensures longevity, as items do not need to be replaced as often as their modern counterparts.

Antique pieces, which have already stood the test of time, are constructed from durable, solid wood, as opposed to modern materials such as laminated chipboard. The stuffing and structural layers inside are all made from natural fibres and as such is free from toxins and chemicals which so plague modern furniture, see:

Recent research indicates that contemporary furniture has a carbon impact that is sixteen times greater than its ‘greener’ antique equivalents.

Our furniture is restored to such an exacting and high standard that it will be enjoyed and cherished by generations to come.

Buying antique furniture can also be a prudent purchase from an investment point of view, since many antique pieces increase in value rather than depreciate.

Our sustainability extends to all parts of our business, including our staff, who are given ongoing training. We pay at least the living wage and work with charities such as Bridges Programmes to help refugees assimilate into the community whilst they seek for leave to stay.

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