Replacement Desk Leather or Baize

We offer a replacement desk leather service when the leather on your antique desk is damaged or disintegrating with age.

Covering a table or desk with leather or baize fabric has been used for several centuries to make the surface slightly softer and more pleasant to use or write on. At the same time it can enhance a room by adding colour.

Two types of leather are used in this process – larger cow hide or smaller, thinner lamb skivers. There are a number of colours and finishes available in the leather. Additionally, we are likely to be able to match the colour of the old leather on your desk.

Decorative borders can be embossed into the desk leather using a tooling wheel.

  • Blind tooling – Just creating an embossed indentation into the leather which is treated with darkened pigments or stain
  • Gold or silver leaf tooling -The pattern is filled with leaf. This can be distressed in order to give an illusion of age to the piece. 

These borders help the leather adhere to the wood below, at the same time enhancing the overall appearance. Our desk leather maker has several tooling wheels available. Each skiver is tooled to the exact measurements of the table or desk, you can specify exactly which you prefer.

There are options available if your project is a boardroom table. Usually such tables are too large for a replacement desk leather to cover. We can use some of the faux leathers now available on the roll. These are usually 140cm wide which covers most tables. This has proved successful in council committee rooms.

We can also re-line desks and card tables with baize, which is available in several colours.

Optaining An Estimate For Replacement Desk Leather

Prices are primarily based on the dimensions of the leather required. However, additional expenditure may be required if a lot of work must be done to the substrate below the leather to prepare it for gluing.

Please send us a photograph of your desk or table, with the dimensions of the leather or baize required. We will then be able to prepare an estimate for desk leather or card table baize.

Ask for a no obligation free estimate​

For a detailed quote, please send us a photograph with dimensions of the leather or baize required.
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