Eichholtz Peninsula Vase

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An Eichholtz ‘Peninsula’ Vase in blue and white with stylised flowers, lid topped with a dragon.

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Invite elegance into your home with this handmade Eichholtz, ‘Peninsula’, Chinese ceramic vase. Decorated with blue and white stylised flowers and a dragon-top lid, it is the height of opulence, standing 105cm tall.

The founder of Eichholtz, Theo Eichholtz, is a passionate collector of antiques and his brand is the epitome of high-end lifestyles.

Artisan crafted and hand-finished, each Eichholtz vase is entirely unique.

The Chinese were the first to use cobalt blue as a painted decoration on porcelain. The design of this vase takes inspiration from traditional Ming Dynasty ceramics, dating from the late 14th century to mid-17th century.

Ming porcelain had a major influence on British ceramics in the mid-18th century and such designs adorned the tables of Britain’s wealthiest families.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 105 cm