A Refined Edwardian Bergère Armchair in Casamance, Paris fabric


This refined bergère armchair has been completely restored by our skilled restorers and reupholstered in an elegant fabric by Casamance, Paris. It features new feather cushion innards; custom made for the piece.

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A sophisticated, Edwardian bergère chair, featuring single and double-cane. It has been fully-restored by our skilled craftspeople and reupholstered in an elegant fabric by Casamance, Paris. Hand-finished with an Houles, Paris, trim.

The armchair features single and double-cane, and intricate wood carving on the top rail, arms, apron and feet. A subtle yet wonderful detail is the way in which the arms gently curve out from the back. New feather cushion innards have been custom made for the piece.

“CASAMANCE is a French editor of fabric and wallcoverings. Sophisticated simplicity and modern elegance are the hallmarks of the timeless style of the Casamance brand.”

“Its collections are distinguished with its finely worked colour ranges, diverse motifs and quality materials. The alchemy of the colours dress architectural spaces with French-style elegance.”

The fabric feels incredible to the touch and its lustre and sheen subtly alters depending on the light source.

Houlès designs and creates the finest of trimmings and fabrics. Still family-owned, the company was founded in Paris, by father and son Félix and André Houlès, in 1928. The company, which began with one store at 18 rue Saint-Nicolas, is now established in over 160 countries.

Presidential residences and castles, such as le Château de Versailles, often select Houlès’ passements for their restoration projects.

The Edwardian period extended from 1901 to 1910 and was an era of new beginnings. A new and more cheerful style of interior design, and the crowning of a new King, swept away the dark and heavy designs of the Victorian period.

Influenced by Art Nouveau, the Arts & Crafts movement and Georgian designs, a more delicate and refined style was evident; with bamboo and wicker often being the materials of choice for many designers.

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Dimensions 67 × 66 × 74 cm